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Buy your new home in Covington, Louisiana our Covington USDA Loan agents are waiting for you to get you in the right direction!

USDA Loans of Covington friendly officers are ready to help you move forward

Are you ready to buy your new home? USDA Loans of Covington friendly officers are ready to help you move forward.

Our Covington USDA Loan agents are waiting for to come in and take your first step to buy your new home.USDA Loan Covington, Louisiana is excited to bring you the option of a USDA mortgage. For those who qualify, 100% financing is available bringing the dream of home ownership within reach. With low interest rates and flexible guidelines a USDA home loan could help you achieve your financial goals.

Covington, Louisiana is a city in and the parish seat of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, United States with a population of 2012: 9,058. Population change since 2000: +6.8% (

Covington is a city in and the parish seat of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, United States with a population of 8,765. The City of Covington, founded in 1813, is a charming Southern community nestled among three rivers. An assorted mix of boutiques, art galleries, specialty shops and restaurants line the downtown streets. Special care has been taken to ensure the conservation of Covington's  historic homes and buildings while also allowing for the modernization of its infrastructure. The downtown historic district is home to many turn-of-the-century cottages surrounded by ancient oaks and South Louisiana's lush, green foliage. In Covington, we celebrate our history and culture through music, food and the arts. We take time to enjoy the many concerts and special events that take place here. But it's the strong sense of community, of civic pride, that is the lifeblood of this town. We welcome you to come and experience Covington for yourself. You just might want to call it "home."

Fun for everyone:USDA Loan Covington Louisiana Attivities

Play is important in the life of every person. No matter how young or old, disabilities or not, we all need recreation as part of our daily schedule.  We are committed to making our program suit the interests of all community members, those who love sports as well as those who don't.

We've added equipment to our playgrounds, updated our pool, accessorized our new baseball complex and much more. The City of Covington and the Covington Recreation Department value what you think about your city, and we want to continue to make Covington a city of which you can be proud!


USDA Loan Covington, Louisiana loan is considered to be a Rural Housing Loan program.

Insured by the U.S. Department of Agriculture gives home buyers a no down payment financing option in rural areas. A USDA loan can offer 100% financing to qualified home buyers and allow the closing costs to be paid by the seller or financed in the loan. A USDA loan can also offer the lowest interest rates of any other loans and the USDA loan will always have fixed interest rate. To be eligible for an USDA loan, there are a few factors that will be considered and those are your credit worthiness.

USDA loan can be used in suburbs, towns, and rural areas. Single family homes, condos, townhomes, and manufactured can be included in a USDA Loan. Since the program began, over 2.7 million rural borrowers have become proud homeowners. You will want to contact a USDA Loan Covington agent to see what your choices are in regards to a USDA loan.


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